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Nonstop celebrates our 20th Anniversary with our first News feed... February 25, 1992, The day it all began.

Ok, so it took me 20 years to realize that just because Nonstop is not in a glamorous industry, doesn't mean we don't have interesting topics to write about.  Our new news feed will discuss much (MUCH) more than the exciting world of a Philadelphia same-day courier service.  We will try to enlighten you with articles of current information about Nonstop Couriers and our surrounding Delaware Valley area that may help you improve your business, or social life.

But for our first piece of news, I would like to give a massive THANK YOU to everyone that has helped Nonstop Couriers reach our latest milestone, our 20th Anniversary!  February 25th, 1992 was the day we made our first delivery from Marlton, NJ to Carteret, NJ for G&F Graphics, who, IS STILL OUR CUSTOMER TODAY! 

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 23 years old, and I had been working for another courier service that ran out of work for all of the drivers due to the recession of 1992.  I was on the waiting list to take the test for the New Jersey State Police, but they had a hiring freeze on for the next 2 years.  I was on my own, broke, motivated, confident, and desperate all at the same time.  

I spent a couple days typing (yes, on a typewriter) a pricelist, at the top of the page was "Rick's Freelance Courier" along with the words "RUSH" "SAME-DAY" "RELIABLE" with a stencil kit I used. As I was knocking on doors of businesses throughout Cherry Hill, Moorestown, Pennsauken, and Mt. Laurel, I received a beep on my pager. I did not recognize the number, and I got excited thinking it was someone actually calling "Rick's Freelance Courier" for the first time. 

I called the number from my brick-like cell phone at $.99/minute.  It was a father & son graphics company, and Nick, the son, answered, asking "how much to go to Carteret, NJ?"  I paused, caught my breath after having a major rush of excitement, and pulled a number out of thin air hoping it was competitive enough for him to say "yes".  "$68" I replied, and Nick said, "Come by and pick it up!". 

All I had was a full tank of gas left to my name and, I rushed over and picked it up within 15 minutes. They gave me some instructions along with a check for $68, and I started driving.  I pulled over realizing the only way to get to Carteret quickly was the NJ turnpike.  Without hesitation, I lifted up my floormat and combed the area under my driver's seated and literally scraped up $2.40 in change that paid for my roundtrip tolls. 

The delivery went as promised, the customer was happy, and I couldn't sleep that night due to the excitement of realizing...I just started my own business.  After 2 months I had 2 drivers and I had customers in Medford, Marlton, Pennsauken, Moorestown, Cherry Hill and Mount Laurel.  Some days I was driving 12 to 14 hours and loved every minute of it.  The phone kept ringing and I kept driving. 

One day I was on the road for 20 hours and I remember telling someone "I feel like I'm going Nonstop!"  It instantly hit me, and I decided: "THAT'S the name of my company!"  The name "Nonstop" has represented us very well in everything we do.

I am not sure if I could have started a company on my own had I been in a comfortable situation with my career or finances.  I am grateful for the desperate situation I was in, as it forced me to see what I was able to accomplish.  Today, it seems to me like the beginning was no big deal, but at the time, it was. 

For those of you currently experiencing desperate times, I hope there is some inspiration from this story, and an appreciation that better days will come from them.


-Rick Slowicki